DRATER (Enda Burke, Bettina Eberhard, Julika Gittner, Dean Kenning & Josie Wood) 2000-2001
Dean Kenning Drater

Sausage Man

Five suitcases filled with Tesco economy sausages were taken to Berlin for the construction of a sausage statue at Maschenmode gallery (Mitte). We ran out of English sausages and completed the sculpture with German sausages. The owner of the gallery Guido Baudach took the work down prematurely after two days due to the intense smell of rotting raw meat.

Dean Kenning Drater


Dean Kenning Drater Dean Kenning Drater dean kenning sausage man dean kenning sausage man


Cardboard Gallery (somewhere off Brick Lane)

Dean Kenning drater