dean kenning


11 Nov 2017

I'll be speaking on a panel for the UK launch of The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin (MA Biblioteque) at the Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, London


2 Nov 2017 - 2 Dec 2017

I'm showing art work related to art education in the group exhibition Work Work at Tintype


19 Oct 2017 - 22 March 2018

Posters made by the Capital Drawing Group (Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburka, Dean Kenning, John Russell) will be on view at Chapter Thirteen, Glasgow as part of 'Let's Get Together and Call Ourselves an Institution'


7 Oct 2017

I will be showing kinetic sound works and doing a kinetic sculpture talk at Guest, Ghost, Host: Machine! The 2017 Serpentine Marathon at City Hall. It will be braodcast live on Serpentine Radio


29 Sept 2017

Dialogue of the Dead. A performance for Janusware at Res. Part of Deptford X


14 - 15 Sept 2017

I will give a paper entitiled 'Art World Strategies. Neoliberalism and the Rise of Professional Practice in Fine Art
Education' in strand C of the Paradox Biennial Conference hosted by University of the Arts London at Conway Hall


July 2017

My Diagram of Walter Benjamin has been published in the collection The Lost Diagrams of Walter Banjamin, published by MA Biblioteque. Book launch at Miss Read: Berlin Art Book Festival, 14 - 16 July


29 June - 11 Aug 2017

I am showing two works in the EXO EMO group exhibition at Greene Naftali, New York


3 June 2017

I will be speaking on economics and the arts at Culture & Crisis in Portugal at Birkbeck College


16 - 23 May 2017

The Social Body Mind Maps at the Stanley Picker Gallery. An exhibition of riso prints with Kingston BA Fine Art students following a Social Body Mind Mapping workshop


6 May 2017

I will be speaking at the Conference: 'We Need to Talk About This... Illusion of Separation Between Us' at the Institute of Education, UCL


28 April 2017

'Diagramming Political Philosophy'. A performative presentation at Please Specify! International Conference on Artistic Research, Helsinki


21 April 2017

Opening of Luxury Complex: Reposession at Five Years. Lisa Craddock/Mark Hulson/Dean Kenning/Andy Sharp


20 March 2017

Unlimited Imprint #3, Representation. I have two drawings in this issue which can be downloaded for printing HERE


20 March 2017

'Liberal Gestures or Cultural Democracy?' Talk for History of Art and Design Symposium 2017: Experience or Interpretation in the Age of the ‘Activist’ Museum, Bath Spa University


17 March 2017

Publication launch: CIC Intertashional #4, Blast, Florijn 36, Amsterdam


23 Feb - 3 March 2017

Exhibition: The Enemies Project, Museum of the Futures, Surbiton


28 Jan - 18 March 2017

Exhibition: New & Recent Acquisitions, Grundy Art Gallery


29 Nov 2016

I'm participating at Words of Art conference, Wimbledon College of Art, 2 - 5.30pm


25 Nov 2016

I'll be giving a talk at radical reThink at Chelsea College of Art, Banquesting Hall. 10 - 15.30pm


18 Nov 2016

I am interviewed as part of Q-Arts new book 'Professional Practice: 20 Questions'. Book launch 18 Nov at Hauser & Wirth, London 6 - 8pm


7 August 2016

I'll be doing a skype converation following a screening of my film Metallurgy of the Subject for the Utopian Cinema series at Christiania, Copenhagen


25 June 2016

I'll be speaking at Transitions Out of Art School Symposium. Glasgow School of Art, organised by Q-Arts


April 2016

Here is a coversation I had with Jenna Collins about her work The Grand Alliance at Quick Millions


17 March 2016

'Reflections on the Work of Albert Hunt - Within the Art School and Without'. Conference - Bradford School of Art


3 - 4 Dec 2015

Newcastle University Fine Art Auction


3 Oct 2015

Panel talk for Why Boycott the Zabludowicz Collection at Mayday Rooms. Organised by BDZ.


4 Sept - 2 Oct 2015

I'MTen exhibition and online auction for the tenth anniversary of IMT gallery.


20 - 23 August 2015

Plague of Diagrams at the ICA - Exhibition and 4 Day programme of events Curated by David Burrows and Dean

Kenning with DRUGG.

Audio podcast of Symposium available here. You can now see a video of the exhibition


23 May 2015

Symposium - 'Play Sense: Talking', Gerald Moore Gallery.

Matthew Cornford, Annie Davey, Ralph Dorey, Dean Kenning, Tara Page, Florian Roithmayr.


1 - 31 May 2015

Unannounced Acts of Publicness - ten artworks on ten days in May on Granary Sqaure.

Curated by AIR with Dean Kenning. See #unannouncedacts.

UPDATE: Full details of the ten Unannounced Acts of Publicness with responses are now

available HERE. Also read the review in the July-August Art Monthly


7 - 29 March 2015

Luxury Complex: Remembering Satan. A new project, degenerating over four weekends, with

Marc Hulson, Lisa Craddock and Andy Sharp at Five Years. UPDATE: New website


Ocotber 2014

Cover artwork for Benjamin Noys' new book Malign Velocities, published by Zero Books


6 Sept - 5 Oct 2014

I am showing new work at the MKH Biennale in Halberstadt


August 2014

Value: a Visualisation. Part One will be screening at Supernormal Festival


3 July 2014

I will give a talk 'Assessment for Learning as a cybernetic model of teaching' at the opening of

Natural Continuum, Portman Gallery. From 6pm


21 June 2014

I'll be chairing a discussion at The Showroom for the launch of Five Years: Fragments


20 June 2014

Keynote speaker for Conversation. Art PhD Symposium, Dept of Art at Reading University


12 June 2014

'Collaborators & Conspirators'. A talk at Here in Archway symposium, CSM


2 May - 7 June 2014

I am showing two works in the Pigs, Dog & Monkeyfestos group exhibition, AirSpaceGallery


16 January 2014

I'll be talking about 'Psycho Houses' in the writings of Freud, Jung and Benjamin.

Symposium for the exhibition The Psychotropic House at Guest Projects


Jan 2014

I have written an introduction to John Beck & Matthew Cornford's new book The Art School and

the Culture Shed, published with the Centre for Useless Splendour at Kingston University.

Available to buy at Q-Arts and selcted art book shops. Reviews see June Art Monthly and here.


Dec 2013

A very nice write up of my work by Antoine Catala in 'Artist's Favourites' for Spike art magazine


27 Nov 2013

Art Education Forum begins again. Check blog for future dates.


23 Nov 2013

I will be speaking at the Anti-Academy symposium on radical art education models.

John Hansard Gallery


29 Oct - 7 Dec 2013

Woodcut Disco at Wild West Active Space, Maastricht. An exhibition of new work with Kate Janes


19 Oct - 3 Nov

Capital Drawing Group (Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburca, Dean Kenning, John Russell) showing

posters in the exhibition To The Reader at BAK, Utrecht.


27 Sept - 19 October

My new work The Sleepwalkers is on show at Enclave in the exhibition The Starseed Transmission.


27 Sept 2013

Book Launch at Whitechapel Gallery

Reclaim the Mural is out now. Written as part of The Work in Progress, from our project with the

Whitechapel Gallery. With an introduction by Owen Hatherley, photos by Laura Liverani.


9 Sept 2013

Podcast of September's Art Monthly Resonance FM radio interview is now available here.

Myself and Margareta Kern talking about art and neoliberalism


Sept 2013

'Which Side is Art On?' article co-written with Margareta Kern for Art Monthly.


Sept 2013

'What Schools Can Offer Art: Towards an Avant-Gardist Conception of Gallery Education' published

in Visual Culture in Britain. (From research commissioned by Tate Learning)


21 Aug - 21 Sept 2013

Print Shift, On Site Projects, Dundee.

Shazia Ahmed, Chris Biddlecombe, DUO, Dean Kenning, Chad McCail


10 - 12 July 2013

I'll be speaking after a screening of Metallurgy of the Subject at the Film-Philosophy Conference,

Amsterdam. Details of paper here


6 - 28 July 2013

I will be showing a new kinetic sound sculpture at:

Wendel! Open Your Door, Cafe Gallery Projects. Curated by the Woodmill.


20 June 2013

I will chair a discussion at Sarah Cole's exhibition Tribe, Peckham Space.


4 June 2013

A talk at Ink Now: Posters, Collectives and Art at CASS, London Met


6 - 8 May 2013

I will give a paper at the 6th International Critical Theory Conference of Rome,

'The Contradictions of Critical Art Discourse within Institutions of Cultural Capital Accumulation'


1 - 26 May 2013

Capital (Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburka, Dean Kenning, John Russell). Xero, Kline & Coma

OPENING 1st May.


27 April 2013

Prospects for Growth screening at Weekend Other World, Goldsmiths College.


25 April 2013

I'll be speaking about the 'critical art school' at What's the Point of Art School: Speed Dating, CSM

8 Dec 2012

Towards an Avant-Gardist Conception of Gallery Education

Conference at Tate Modern organised in collaboration with Dean Kenning

UPDATE: Recording of the conference is now available:

Part 1: Dean Kenning, Anna Cutler, Harold Offeh with Henry Ward & Welling School

Part 2: Nicholas Addison, Andrew Cooper, Natasha Kidd & Jo Addison, Sarah Cole, Pat Thomson

My paper is available here


6 - 14 Dec 2012

Poster Production at Portman Gallery, Morpeth School. Curated by Dean Kenning


23 Nov 2012

Performance at CIRCA Projects: Double Dip Depression


13 Nov 2012

Education: Not Knowing. A public discussion based on Artist Placement Group's discusrsive format.

Raven Row


13 Oct 2012

Screening of new video Prospects For Growth. Bath Masonic Hall

English Heretic AGM 2012 - Miracle of the sun and moon